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Lt. Tara Tippett

Tara Tippett is currently a lieutenant assigned to the Patrol Division as a Shift Commander with the Fairbanks Police Department. Her law enforcement career began in February 1985 when she joined the US Army Military Police Corp. After serving in West Germany, Ft Bragg, North Carolina and Ft Richardson, Alaska she left the service. In October 1990, she joined the Alaska State Troopers as a Court Service Officer.

In March 1994, she joined the Fairbanks Police Department and worked through the ranks from officer to investigator to detective to sergeant to lieutenant. Lieutenant Tippett spent six and a half years in the Detective Division of the Fairbanks Police Department and during that time investigated hundreds of serious felony offenses of which more than 60% were sex crimes. Lieutenant Tippett has attended over 4,300 hours of law enforcement training in her career.

Lieutenant Tippett is a certified police instructor with the Alaska Police Standards Council, the Family Services Training Academy (Anchorage, Alaska), the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (Glynco, Georgia), the Sexual Assault Resource Services and Minnesota Police Officer Standards Training (Minneapolis, MN). She is also an adjunct professor at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and teaches at the Tanana Valley Campus Police Academy.

Since becoming a certified police instructor in 1998, Lieutenant Tippett has presented more than 800 hours of training to over 1900 students in several states including New York, North Dakota, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, Washington, Arizona and Alaska. Lieutenant Tippett was also a presenter at the 2nd National Sexual Assault Response Team Conference in New Orleans, LA in May 2003.

Areas of expertise and teaching experience include DNA Evidence, Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse of Minor Investigations, Child Sexual Abuse Forensic Interviewing, Domestic Violence Investigations including Strangulation and Stalking, Interviewing Techniques for Victims, Witnesses and Suspects and Interrogation Techniques, Crime Scene Processing and Hostage Negotiations.

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