• Wildlife Investigations Unit
    • The Wildlife Investigations Unit is a specialized group of investigators who work on large scale commercial wildlife and fisheries crimes in the state. Wildlife Troopers selected for this assignment are trained in surveillance and specialize in covert operations. Wildlife Troopers assigned to this unit are stationed in Anchorage but operate statewide.
  • Aircraft Section
    • Aircraft are utilized for transporting troops as they perform their daily activities. Those activities may include fish and wildlife patrol and investigation, prisoner transport, and search and rescue operations.

      Troopers may operate one of several aircraft dependent upon their duty assignment. Troopers may attend fight school based on the needs of the Department.

      Fixed wing assets include:
      • PA/18 Super Cubs & Cessna 185s in-wheel,
        float & amphibian configurations
      • Cessna 208 Caravans
      • C350ER King Air & C200 King Air
      Rotary wing assets include:
      • R-44 & A-Star helicopters
  • Marine Section
    • Troopers may operate one of several patrol vessels dependent upon duty assignment. Select Troopers are sent to the FLETC Boat Operators Course in Georgia. Patrols on major vessels can last 45 days with 200 plus days of the year at sea. Vessels are primarily used in fisheries enforcement, proactive patrols, and search and rescue operations.

      Major vessel assets include:
      • 156-foot P/V Stimson
      • 121-foot P/V Woldstad
      • 70-foot P/V Enforcer
      • 65-foot catamaran P/V Camai
      • 44-foot Churchill
      Smaller assets include:
      • 27-33 foot Safeboats
      • A Wide Variety of Smaller Boats