Media Campaigns

Our public service announcements encourage Alaskans to join in preventing domestic and sexual violence in Alaska. The focus of our ad series is to let Alaskans know that help is available to both victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and to those who perpetrate violence. The series also calls attention to the work the Council is doing to reduce violence, to men’s roles in stopping domestic violence and sexual assault in our state, and to youth prevention efforts.

Respect is Always the Right Choice

The latest Public Service Announcements in the Council's efforts to change social norms around violence include the two PSAs below that are focused on safe actions bystanders can take to prevent or address sexual assault or domestic violence. These spots build on our previous work and their aim is to show what choosing respect can look like in real situations Alaskans encounter. 



Dorm - Bystander Intervention PSAs

Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Real Alaskans Choose Respect and Real Alaska Men Choose Respect Campaigns

The "Real Alaskans Choose Respect" and the "Real Alaska Men Choose Respect" statewide campaigns aired on a wide range of stations throughout the state. The public service announcements focus on two themes: getting help if you are a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault and the role men have to play in changing attitudes toward violence.

This spot features Standing Together Against Rape (STAR) in Anchorage.

This spot features Oscar Degruy.

This spot features Velma Koontz of Fairbanks.

This spot features storyteller Gene Tagaban, who grew up in Juneau, Alaska.

This spot features NBA star Carlos Boozer, who grew up in Juneau, Alaska.

This spot was our first PSA focused on teaching respect.

This spot features Alaska's former Attorney General and current Commissioner of Public Safety talking about domestic violence and sexual assault – It's a Crime!

This spot features Governor Sean Parnell talking about choosing respect.

Alaska Governor Sean Parnell introduces programming aimed at educating Alaskans about healing from domestic violence and sexual assault to air on Alaska Public Television 360 North and KTOO, and on GCI Cable Networks

Our Youth Prevention Public Service Announcements – Stand Up, Speak Up\When I am an Elder

When I Am An Elder 1 - Bethel

When I Am An Elder 2 – Bethel

When I Am An Elder 3- Barrow

Please go to for more on our Youth Prevention Campaigns.