Frequently Asked Data & Database Questions

Q: What database version are we supposed to be on?
A: As of November 2009 CDVSA Programs should be running Version 3.0 of the ANDVSA Microsoft Access Database program. If you need the latest version installed and/or need instructions on how to install it email for assistance or call at (907) 465-4673

Q: How does data reporting work from programs to CDVSA?
A: Most programs affiliated with CDVSA enter data into a Microsoft Access Database (the ANDVSA 3.0 Database). When omnibus, yearly, or quarterly reports for data are requested by CDVSA programs install and run a program called the "CDVSA Reporter." The CDVSA Reporter Tool extracts all data that CDVSA can legally collect and outputs the data to .xml files that are burned to CD. These CDs are then sent to the CDVSA Research Analyst. The process from there includes uploading all the data from the various programs into a central database that then can be used to generate reports.

Q: What do I do if errors are generated when I try to run reports through the ANDVSA 3.0 database program or the numbers the reports generate seem incorrect?
A: As of November 2009 all database questions will need to be directed to Forest Kvasnikoff (Research Analyst) at CDVSA. We will try and resolve your problems as quickly as possible, but in order for the process to go smoothly, when you do have database issues please take note of the EXACT nature of your problem (i.e. Run Time Errors when generating reports, numbers are wildly skewed on some or all reports, Program will not open or run, CDVSA Reporter Tool failing, etc.) – this will help CDVSA resolve the problems you might be experiencing.

Q: What causes "Run Time Errors"?
A: While there are a slew of factors that can cause runtime errors these are some of the reasons why programs may experience run time errors when attempting to run reports:

  1. While entering data for a new or existing participant the database program is closed out without saving (i.e. staff begin entering data for a participant and realize they've made a mistake and simply close out the database program – this generates a blank participant and can cause run time errors)
  2. Believe it or not the changing of default printers from one to another or corrupt drivers for printers installed can cause a run time error. If you are experiencing a Run Time error associated with a printer email and we will send you the documentation to fix this error.
  3. If there are duplicate program participant IDs a run time error can be caused
  4. Finally, if there has been a corruption of a program’s data a run time error can occur. This is why it is crucial that programs periodically back up their databases, we recommend this be done at least every two months.

Q: What causes the database program to generate what appear to be incorrect results?
A: There are many 'possible' reasons why reports may generate numbers  which seem unreliable. Here are just a few of the common reasons why reports might generate results you might not expect:

  • The search queries built into the ANDVSA Database are geared differently for each report. That is: each 'canned' report is generating results based on differing criteria. If you are finding a discrepancy between the various canned reports and/or your hand counted numbers this might be the explanation. Essentially this one boils down to – you have to be aware that there are many different ways to count.
  • Accidently entering incorrect information into the date, date of birth, and other required fields can contribute to the over or under reporting during any one quarterly report.
  • Not saving! Save and save often.