Our Services

For Our Programs

CDVSA provides funding for a wide range of programs and services to address domestic violence and sexual assault throughout Alaska.

Learn more about what funding opportunities are available through the Council for support and advocacy programs.

For Victims - Survivors

The Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault supports programs to help victims/survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault throughout Alaska.  The 20 victim-services programs we support provide shelter, crisis intervention, personal advocacy, legal advocacy, children's services, case management, education, information and referral, counseling, and support groups and more.  If you hare a victim/survivor and in need of help or assistance, please call 911 or find a link to victim services program that serves your area.

For Prevention

One of the goals and responsibilities of the Council is to help prevent domestic violence and sexual assault before it every happens.  We have been working to support and helping to develop a range of prevention services. Learn more

For Women

The Council on Domestic supports programs and services to help victims/survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault throughout Alaska. The Council also supports civil legal advocacy services and programs that provide training. Learn more about the Council's work to support women

For Men

The Council supported programs provide services to male victims. In addition, the Council funds nine and oversees 15 Batterers Intervention Programs to heighten victim safety and batterer accountability. They are part of a coordinated community response to the crime of domestic violence. The programs help clients understand the abusive nature of their behavior and the effects of their violence on their families. For those who choose to be accountable, this education helps them make progress in every aspect of their lives. In addition, the Council supports prevention and education programs for men.  Learn more

For Youth

The Council supports a range of programs for youth, including prevention activities, youth conferences and training, youth web sites and more. Learn more about our programs for youth

For Training & Support

The Council provides training and support for our member programs and for the public.  Learn more

For Research

The Council is charged with conducting research and collecting data on domestic violence, sexual assault, crisis intervention and prevention. Learn more