Our Funding Sources

Family Violence Prevention Services Act

The Family Violence Prevention Services Act provides federal funding to all states. This funding is used to fund domestic violence programs throughout Alaska. All programs receiving grants provide shelter and related assistance to victims of domestic violence and their children. All of these programs operate shelter facilities which are staffed around the clock and provide a full spectrum of services, including food and immediate shelter, crisis intervention, counseling and medical/legal/personal advocacy.

Victims of Crime Act

The Victims of Crime Act of 1984 (VOCA) authorizes financial compensation for victims of crime and financial support for state and local agencies that provide services to crime victims. This fund is a U.S. Treasury account generated entirely by the fines and penalties levied against criminals convicted of federal crimes. As such, the amount available in this fund can vary greatly from year to year. To assist in planning for these variances, the Council spreads the grant amount over a period of three years. This provides for a more stable continuation of funding for programs.

The Council awards the majority of this funding directly to programs that provide services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and other violent crimes. In addition to funding programs, a portion of this grant will be used to fund a Victim Services Coordinator position with the Department of Corrections.

Violence Against Women Act

In 1994, Congress passed the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) which serves to improve the national response to domestic violence and sexual assault. VAWA combines a series of federal sanctions and initiatives as well as national, state, and local resources to improve the response to crimes against women. These funds are delineated to four specific areas: prosecution, law enforcement, victim services and discretionary. In April 1995, Governor Knowles designated the Council as the lead agency for the coordination and management of the Violence Against Women Act funds for the State of Alaska.

To accomplish this mission, a statewide Violence Against Women Planning and Implementation Committee was created. The membership of the planning and implementation committee reflects the mandatory breakdown of the act and includes representatives from the court system; Department of Corrections; Maternal, Child and Family Health, Department of Health and Social Services; Department of Law; Department of Public Safety; Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, Alaska Judicial Council; and Violence Against Indian Women grantee.

This committee has met quarterly to develop the annual plan for the VAWA funding and to address any difficulties or unmet needs identified in the state. The annual plan is submitted by the committee to the Federal VAWA office for approval. The Council is responsible for distributing and monitoring the fiscal components of all projects.

Sexual Assault Services Program – The Sexual Assault Services Program is administered by the Office on Violence Against Women and is a formula grant to all states. Specifically, this grant is used to assist sexual assault victims/survivors.