External Dry Gas Standards

The Crime Laboratory purchases commercially manufactured external dry gas standards.
All cylinders used by the DataMaster DMT are prepared to measure 0.080 by a breath test

The manufacturer provides a certificate of analysis with each lot of cylinders.
These are posted here for review with the results of the quality assurance check performed
at the Crime Laboratory.

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Size Name
<n/a> Expired lots    
1,024,755 01315080A2.PDF  
1,102,077 01315080A3.PDF  
2,178,658 07214080A1.PDF  
2,044,358 09214080A2.PDF  
8,673,402 09214080A3.PDF  
2,069,279 11313080A1.PDF  
302,912 AG608504 EXP 03252018.pdf  
310,686 AG634001 EXP 12042018.pdf  
148,565 MSDS-Airgas.pdf  
474,359 MSDS-Ilmo.pdf