Retail Firework Permit

Retail Firework Permits authorizes the sale of Class 1.4G fireworks.

To qualify for this permit, an individual must do the following:

  • submit a policy, or a certified true copy of a policy, of public liability and products liability insurance, including both accident and occurrence coverage, provided by the wholesale company selling fireworks to the person, in the amount of at least $200,000 for bodily injury or death and at least $50,000 property damage and the person is named as an insured party upon the policy and the policy is continuously in force while the person is engaged in the retail sale of fireworks and
  • pay the endorsement fee of $10 that is valid for two years or portions of two years during which the permit holder is engaged in the retail sale of fireworks and
  • submit a map of stand location; including construction and distance to any storage magazines or nearby buildings. The stand must be 250 feet from residential or public assembly buildings, and 150 feet from the centerline of ANY state highway. At least two exits must be provided, indicated on a drawing of the proposed stand. and
  • prominently display a placard on the retail stand setting out the language of AS 41.15.070, 41.15.140, and 41.15.160 and
  • conspicuously display the retail permit at the sales location and
  • abide by all applicable laws regarding the sale of Class 1.4G fireworks.

Salable fireworks, Class 1.4G (Class C common fireworks) must be stored as follows:

  • storage at retail sites must be in a type 4 or higher rated magazine;
  • except as provided in paragraph 3 of Subsection 3308.11.12, storage must be a minimum of 40 feet from property lines or any inhabited building. The dedicated structure or stand used for selling fireworks is excluded;
  • storage must be a minimum of 250 feet from a place of residence or public assembly building;
  • storage may not be located on a highway or utility right of way;
  • storage at any site except approved retail locations must be in accordance with the requirements for low explosives in Subsection 3304.3.2.


For storage of more than 5000 lbs. of explosive material, the minimum distance requirements from buildings and highways may be increased. Reference the International Fire Code Chapter 33 Section 3304.5.2 or contact the State Fire Marshals office.

Download the Retail Firework Permits application.

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