Civilian Fire Fatality Statistics

In the table below is a list of Alaska's fire fatality statistics for 2015.

You may download an Excel document listing fire fatality statistics from 2010 - 2014.

Date of Death Community Heat Source Smoke Alarm *Alcohol and/or Drugs*
1/3/2015 Talkeetna Undetermined After Investigation Undetermined After Investigation No
1/28/2015 Kotzebue Combustibles too Close to Heat Source Undetermined After Investigation Yes
3/23/2015 Ketchikan Electrical Installed/Did Not Operate No
3/23/2015 Port Lions Electrical Installed/Did Not Operate No
4/6/2015 Fairbanks Vehicle Crash N/A Under Investigation
5/6/2015 Anchorage Under Investigation Under Investigation Under Investigation
8/22/2015 Anchorage Under Investigation Installed/Operated No
8/25/2015 Anchorage Under Investigation Not Installed No

*NOTE*: Alcohol and/or Drugs is answered yes if it was a contributing factor to the fire and/or victim.