Training and Education Bureau

Welcome to the Training and Education Bureau.

The Training and Education Bureau provides fire training and public fire education services to the Alaskan fire service and all sectors of the Alaskan public.

Fire Training provides effective leadership, coordination and support for fire prevention and suppression programs to Alaska's Fire and Emergency Services Community losses from disasters.

Public Fire Education promotes fire and life safety issues through education. We focus on Fire Prevention to reduce the possibility of injury or death from fire. It is our goal to eliminate injuries and death from fires or burns.

Fire Training and Education Offices:

All Training and Education Bureau offices provide a wide variety of training programs. Please visit the individual web pages below for a list of programs offered by each office.

Training and Education Bureau Headquarters

The Headquarters of the Training and Education Bureau (TEB) is located in the Department of Public Safety Headquarters Facility in Anchorage, Alaska. The TEB Headquarters office provides program management and oversight of all TEB programs and activities.

Programs handled directly from this office include the following:

Fire Department Accreditation

TEB accredits local training agencies to conduct training on behalf of the State of Alaska. These accredited training institutions, such as local fire departments, must adhere to approved state and national standards.

This accreditation program is an excellent way for a local department to use an organized training method so that each student may complete certification entirely at the local level. Contact TEB for an accreditation packet or download one here.

Technical Assistance Teams

TEB has available technical assistance teams that can travel to communities and/or departments to assist with fire issues or problems. Members of these teams are selected from the Alaska fire service based on their experience and the type of service requested. Communities requesting this support will be responsible for travel and lodging for the team members.

These technical assistance teams can provide an outside viewpoint that is sometimes valuable when looking at a particular issue.

For further information please contact:

Training and Education Bureau Supervisor
Jan Mitchell
5700 East Tudor Road
Anchorage, AK 99507
Phone: (907) 269-5789
Fax: (907) 269-0098