The Office of Rural Fire Protection

This office specializes in training and response preparedness services to firefighters and emergency responders in the rural areas of the state.

Office of Rural Fire Protection Training Options

There are a number of training options available once a Fire Department has organized and completed registration. Scholarships for these trainings are very limited due to the number of communities needing training support. Please contact the Alaska Office of Rural Fire Protection if you would like to apply for a scholarship or to inquire about training costs.

The Rural Fire Fighter Training Seminar

  • This course includes Prevention, Recruitment and Retention, Strategy and Tactics, and Live Fire Training for rural Firefighters.
  • In conjunction with this program we offer a Rural Programs, Train the Trainer for Alaska certified Fire Instructors wishing to become rural trainers.

Local Community Training

This course is tailored to your community and is held at the convenience and location of the community. This training requires the requesting community:
  • Maintain their Fire Department registration for at least one year
  • Makes efforts to protect the community from fire through training and public education
  • Maintains in-service equipment
  • Have at least ten members committed to attending the entire training

The Alaska Rural Fire Chiefs Conference

  • Held in conjunction with the ASFA/AFCA State Fire Conference, this training conference trains and supports your communities Fire Chief or designee.

Also, keep checking our training schedule at for other training opportunities.

Use this website to find other tools to plan your drills and give some guidance to your veteran Fire Fighters and VPSO’s. You can also use these tools to help train newer members of your Fire Department. Download the Alaska Basic Fire Fighter training program, skill-sheets and training record at

Free Online Training is available from the following organizations. See their websites for specific course information.

National Volunteer Fire Council
National Fire Academy
FEMA Emergency Management Institute

Alaska Basic Firefighter Certification

Based on the Alaska Fire Training Standard for Basic Firefighter and utilizing a highly modified version of the NFPA 1001 Firefighter I, this certification program provides the students with training in basic fire fighting and fire prevention techniques. This course is designed for fire departments that do not have protective clothing, have a very limited water supply, and may only have portable fire extinguishers and portable pumps available. This course can either be brought to a local community or can be taught at the regional training centers.

This certification program is a systematic training program designed around instructor delivered classroom and supervised performance based practical training. To complete the full Rural Basic Firefighter certification program, following the initial fire training conducted instruction and practical training the Basic Firefighter must also attend four additional performance based drills conducted over a two-month period.

This training is designed to give the students the skills and knowledge to create and maintain an active fire fighting and fire prevention force in their communities.

Village Public Safety Officer Fire Training Academy

The Office of Rural Fire Protection has the responsibility for conducting the Rural Fire Protection Specialist course at the Village Public Safety Officer (VPSO) Academy in Sitka. Students at this course are from small villages throughout Alaska. They are trained in firefighting, law enforcement, emergency medical services, and search and rescue. The Rural Fire Protection Specialist course includes setting up a small rural fire department, suppression training, providing fire prevention programs and managing the fire department within the village.

History of Project Code Red, 2001-2008

A primary focus of the Office of Rural Fire Protection was to deliver training and support for Project Code Red. Although Project Code Red has not been funded for a number of years, the ORFP still supports and trains communities that utilize the equipment. Open or download this video for more information, "Introduction to Project Code Red".

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For further information please contact:

Steve Schreck, Rural Fire Training Specialist
5700 East Tudor Road
Anchorage, Alaska 99507
Phone: (907) 269-6083
Fax: (907) 269-0098