Fire and Life Safety Educator of the Year


Fire and Life Safety educators are dedicated to teaching community members to be active participants in the safety of their families and friends. It is through fire and life safety programs that the fire service can most efficiently save lives and property. The Fire and Life Safety Educator of the Year award was first presented in 2003.


The candidate must exhibit an extraordinary commitment to educating their community about fire prevention and fire safety during the year. This can be demonstrated in many ways. A few examples are:

  1. The Fire and Life Safety Educator developed and implemented a new fire prevention or fire safety program that improved the fire safety of members of their community.
  2. The Fire and Life Safety Educator displayed an extreme commitment to the members of their community to ensure the fire prevention message was received.

List of Recipients:

Year Name Fire Department/Agency
2003 Ernie Misewicz Fairbanks Fire Department
2004 Jim Hill Ketchikan Fire Department
2005 Elsie Vent Huslia Volunteer Fire Department
2006 Craig Torrey Anchorage Fire Department
2007 Gary Hale Central Emergency Services
2008 Andy Tighe Ketchikan FD and North Tongass VFD
2009 Nikki Pereira Anchorage Fire Stoppers
2010 Mahlon Greene Division of Fire and Life Safety
2011 Traci Davis South Tongass VFD
2012 Kyle Green North Pole FD
2013 Steve Bartholomew Girdwood VFD
2014 None N/A
2015 Ron Templeton University FD
2016 N/A American Red Cross of Alaska