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Goodwill for Justice


There was no mistaking the visiting team as the Harlem Globetrotters when they stepped on basketball courts against much younger opponents in schools along the upper Yukon River. The group of state and federal law enforcement and probation officers was not there to haul people away. Instead, they were there to open up the lines of communication between people in these Interior villages and the men and women sworn to protect them, and what better way of leaving a lasting impression than through a friendly game of basketball.

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Up Close and Personal

Citizen Academy Helo

The AST Citizen Academy brings citizens and troopers together in a learning environment Ideas are exchanged, misperceptions corrected, and both groups can learn from the other in terms of realistic expectations.

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Salute to Service

Through the years, men and women answered the call to duty and donned a military uniform in support of their country. That willingness to serve is strong in the Alaska Department of Public Safety among both commissioned and non-commissioned people. Yesterday was Veterans Day, a designation that gives us a great opportunity to thank those around us for serving their country. It also gives those who served, or are still serving, a chance to reflect on their memories of people they served with, things they accomplished and experiences they’ll never forget. Some of the many veterans that work for DPS shared their stories to show us what helped shape our nation and give us a glimpse into their past lives.

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