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Two Cars and Two Lives in Uniform

Chris Green’s work car, a 2009 Dodge Charger with the Alaska State Trooper decals on the side and the light bar, gets its fair share of attention while he patrols the Valley. Nonetheless, it’s his personal car, a 2007 Dodge Charger R/T with the POW/MIA decals that gets a lot more thumbs up and cell phones taking photos. Much like the cars he drives, Green has spent years balancing between his service to his state and to his country. After becoming a trooper in the fall of 2007, Green was called up for active duty in October 2009. After Green returned to the troopers from his four years of active duty service as a U.S. Coast Guardsman, Green was shocked that his patrol vehicle assignment was the very same 2009 Dodge Charger he was assigned prior to his deployment. The Charger started and will end its time as a trooper patrol car with Green. Instead, he’ll continue to drive his own custom Charger as a mobile tribute to former prisoners of war and to those who are still missing. Read the entire story:

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