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The Kodiak Area Native Association, one of the 10 grantees that employ Village Public Safety Officers, recently purchased a submersible remote operating vehicle equipped with a video camera, sonar and claw attachment. Recognizing the need statewide, through its partnership with the Alaska Department of Public Safety and the VPSO Program, KANA gave the ROV to the VPSO program for deployment to parts of the state to aid in search and rescues in murky rivers and lakes. Read Full Story

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Trooper Talks Cyber Sense To Teens

A little more than 700 students walk the halls at Colony Middle School (CMS) in Palmer, Alaska. Angie Buresh, a CMS Guidance Counselor, estimates that approximately 80 percent of those students have cell phones they carry with them. Many of those students also have access to social media. With the student body being so well connected bullying and other inappropriate activity can be done at their fingertips. This issue is not unique to CMS. Alaska State Troopers believe most middle schools in Alaska are experiencing the same trend. It is primarily a problem in the eighth grade; however, by second semester, the middle school starts hearing of more issues popping up surrounding social media at the seventh grade level. Read Full Story