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Female Troopers Walking The Thin Blue Line

Fifteen years ago, Angela Womack, Aileen Witrosky and Michelyn Pylilo, began their careers as Alaska State Troopers. Today, they are among 15 females of the roughly 400 people that wear the uniform either as a state or wildlife trooper.

Studies have shown that having women in law enforcement ranks can have its advantages. While women are prepared to get physical because there are situations where it’s unavoidable, they tend to take a different tact when approaching a situation. The job is service oriented, which requires good communication skills, something that can come a little easier for women. They also have a knack for being compassionate and empathetic. Likewise, there are some male troopers that may not be as physically strong and may have to deal with people differently. Men can also be compassionate and empathetic as well.

“We’re all troopers, whether we’re male or female, black, white, green or purple. We’re all blue.”

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