What is APSIN?

APSIN is an acronym for the Alaska Public Safety Information Network. APSIN serves as the criminal justice information system for Alaska. APSIN resides on the state mainframe computer in Juneau with its resources primarily distributed via the state’s wide area network.

APSIN serves federal, state and local law enforcement agencies across the state by providing access to state and federal law enforcement resources such as NCIC (National Crime Information Center), NLETS (National Law enforcement Telecommunications System), III (Interstate Identification Index), and others. APSIN also serves the Alaska law enforcement community by acting as a central repository for Alaska criminal histories, wanted persons, stolen items, missing persons, protective orders, person and address information, and others. APSIN also provides the law enforcement community with seamless direct access to information maintained by the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles such as driving records and license and registration information. APSIN is also used by other criminal justice agencies such as state and local prosecutors offices, adult and juvenile probations, corrections, and others.

There are some limited non-criminal justice uses such as for professional licensing and for public inquiry or records requests. The core of APSIN services, however, are designed to serve the federal, state and local law enforcement communities by providing a data repository and timely law enforcement information to the officer "on the street".