Traveling Trainer

Jim Wolfe

Jim has worked in the forensic science field since 1979 when he set up and managed the Alaska State Fish and Wildlife Protection Crime Lab in Palmer. He transferred to the Alaska State Crime Lab in 1985 with extensive experience in fish and wildlife forensic science and expanded his expertise to include shoeprint and tiretrack exams, biological evidence screening, trace evidence, videotape enhancements, and crime scene investigations.

Jim retired as a supervising criminalist from the crime lab in 2004 and is continuing to provide training to law enforcement agencies. Presently, Jim is an adjunct faculty at UAA and UAF teaching introductory forensic science and basic crime scene techniques. He is an Alaska certified police instructor for physical evidence collection and preservation, and has regularly instructed at the Alaska Public Safety Academy since 1988. As training coordinator with the state crime lab, Jim provided both local and regional training in crime scene examinations and physical evidence collection.

Jim is a board certified criminalist and a member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and the Northwest Association of Forensic Scientists. He has attended many seminars on blood, shoeprint, tiretrack, and hair and fiber analysis, and has published and taught these subjects internationally. Jim has a BS Degree in Chemistry from the University of Washington and an MS Degree in Chemistry from the University of Colorado.

Training Topics:

  • Crime Scenes and Physical Evidence Collection
  • Physical Evidence Refresher Classes
  • Forensic Photography
  • Shoeprint and Tiretrack Evidence
  • Documenting and Collection Snow Impression Evidence

Contact Information:
Jim Wolfe
PO Box 210090
Anchorage, AK 99521