Brief Description Of Courses Offered:

  • The A.L.E.T. Program fulfills the requirements to be certified as a municipal police officer or an Alaska State Trooper with the Department of Public Safety. Each course is an intense 15 weeks long. Recruits who have been hired as State Troopers will stay for an additional three weeks after graduation for the Trooper Basic Course. The next Spring ALET will begin on February 23, 2014 and end on June 6, 2014. The next Fall ALET will begin on August 3 - November 14, 2014.
  • The Village Public Safety Officer (VPSO) course is a twelve week academy for rural first responders, broken down into three separate sessions, consisting of two five week sessions and one two week session. This program is administered through the Department of Public Safety. The next VPSO class will begin on January 6, 2014. For more information contact Sergeant Wallner.
  • Employment is not a guarantee by the program, however over 60% of Alaska Law Enforcement Training graduates are currently employed in Alaska law enforcement.
  • Successful completion of the Public Safety Core enables students to apply for a basic law enforcement certificate from the Alaska Police Standards Council after one year of employment as a municipal police officer or State Trooper.
  • This is the Academy Training Schedule.