Great lengths are taken to select the right team members for the Alaska State Troopers. Each is provided with training, equipment, and experience, allowing them to become a professional law enforcement officer. Past law enforcement experience is not a prerequisite to be a successful State Trooper. You will be given the tools to succeed.

You will be one of the most highly qualified law enforcement officers in the country after succeeding in the training program.

  • Residential, paramilitary environment
  • Program lasts for 18 weeks
  • Located in Sitka, in Southeast Alaska.
  • Students live in dormitory-style rooms with shared bathroom facilities
  • All meals are provided.
  • Rigorous physical training occurs daily.
  • Books and study materials are provided.
  • All successfully completed courses earn college credits.
  • Students are trained to use handguns, shotguns, and patrol rifle techniques.

The Academy instructor staff consists of Troopers who have been promoted to Corporal. This is an additional special assignment for both Alaska State Troopers and Alaska Wildlife Troopers.

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