1972 – Fish & Game
In 1972, select members of the Department of Fish and Game were transferred to the Department of Public Safety. This move ultimately led to the creation of the Division of Wildlife Troopers. The Alaska Wildlife Troopers provide wildlife resource protection in all areas of the state for both commercial and sport fishing and hunting operations.
1967 - Troopers
During Governor Wally Hickel's first administration in 1967, the name was changed to the Alaska State Troopers. Under Commissioner Mel Personett, the Troopers focused their work in areas of Alaska not being served by community police, and began to offer more sophisticated services to law enforcement organizations statewide. The Alaska Bureau of Investigations and the Alaska Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Enforcement were established. Also in 1967 the Public Safety Training Academy saw its first year of operation.
1959 - Statehood
With the advent of statehood in 1959, the name of Alaska's law enforcement agency was changed to the Alaska State Police and the organization became a division of the Department of Public Safety.
1953 - Territorial Police
The Troopers' law enforcement responsibilities continued to grow and in 1953 the Territorial legislature announced the creation of the Alaska Territorial Police.
1941 - Origin of the Troopers
The Troopers' tradition of excellence is rooted in Alaska's territorial days before achieving statehood in 1959.