Pyrotechnic Operators Permit

Pyrotechnic Operators Permit authorizes setting up and discharging 1.3G and qualifying 1.4G special fireworks at public displays for which a display permit has been issued.

To qualify for this permit, an individual must do the following:

  • Submit verifiable documentation of at least six (6) public displays in Alaska which you participated as an assistant (this display must have been permitted through the Alaska Division of Fire and Life Safety office) or
  • Submit a copy of your out-of-state pyrotechnic license and
  • Successfully pass the written examination administered by the Alaska Division of Fire and Life Safety office.

For renewal of the Alaska Pyrotechnic Operator's Permit, an individual must:

  • Successfully pass the written examination administered by Department of Public Safety, Division of Fire and Life Safety office.

Pyrotechnic Operators Permit Examination

A score of 90% is required to pass and the closed book test must be completed in one hour.

This test must be proctored in one of the Division of Fire and Life Safety office's. Locations are in Anchorage, Palmer, Fairbanks and Juneau. To make an appointment to take the test, please contact Marie Collins (contact information is at the bottom of this page).

In the event the prospective pyrotechnic operator fails the test, it may be retaken after a twenty-four hour waiting period has elapsed IF the individual proctoring the test has that time slot available.

Should the test be failed a second time, a fifteen-day waiting period is required prior to re-examining.

Test Reference Materials: 2006 IFC Chapter 33, 13 AAC 51.025 (94) (105), AS 18.72, 2006 NFPA 1123, 1124, and 1126.

The permit is valid for three years from the date of issue.

Alaska Pyrotechnic Operators

Updated January 26, 2015
Permit NumberFull NameIssue DateExpiration Date
FWP14-006 Berg, David 5/8/2014 5/8/2017
FWP14-008 Blatchley, Dorianne 6/5/2014 6/5/2017
FWP15-001 Bowen, Michael 11/24/2014 11/24/2017
FWP13-001 Brown, Matt 11/20/2012 11/20/2015
FWP14-007 Cangialosi, Salvatore 5/8/2014 5/8/2017
FWP15-002 Clark, Kylie 12/16/2014 12/16/2017
FWP13-002 Clark, Meghan 12/17/2012 12/17/2015
FWP15-004 Dahlberg, Sigrid 1/26/2015 1/26/2018
FWP12-007 Den Herder, Jacob 4/24/2012 4/24/2015
FWP15-003 Dietz-Clark, Vivian 12/17/2014 12/17/2017
FWP14-003 Hall, Robert 10/28/2013 10/28/2016
FWP13-003 Hodge, John 1/10/2013 1/10/2016
FWP12-008 Johnson, Lynn 6/28/2012 6/28/2015
FWP13-004 Lantis, Kenneth 2/20/2013 2/20/2016
FWP14-004 Mattingly, Jacqueline 5/5/2014 5/5/2017
FWP14-005 Mattingly, Larry 5/5/2014 5/5/2017
FWP13-008 O'Connell, Kevin 5/13/2013 5/13/2016
FWP14-001 Pharr, William 10/2/2013 10/2/2016
FWP14-002 Rankin, Murphy 10/28/2013 10/28/2016
FWP13-005 Tarr, Richard 2/20/2013 2/20/2016
FWP13-006 Wheeler, Robert 4/23/2013 4/23/2016
FWP13-007 Wilde, Phillip 4/25/2013 4/25/2016

You can download the application below:

For further information please contact:

Marie Collins
5700 E. Tudor Road
Anchorage, AK 99507
Phone: (907) 269-5625
Fax: (907) 269-0102