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This has been created for posting code subjects so the general public and professionals alike can review the issues and thereby making our web site a bit more informational as an ongoing tool for our constituents.

Coffee Break and Code Corner seem to be a big hit with all the complimentary e-mails and comments, as such have been included below:

Alaska Code Forum

If you have an interesting topic, you can contact us at (907) 269-2004 for review and evaluation to be posted in the AK Code Forum, allowing the rest of the code professionals within the State of Alaska to view. The maximum of one per month will be chosen and posted.

This is our informational code forum from/to professionals around the state that was requested during the Fire Marshal Forum in April 2008:

This is for informational purposes only and not intended to be official interpretations or documentation of the Alaska State Fire Marshals Offices for reviews.

Coffee Break Training for U.S. Fire Administration

Please share this Coffee Break Training segment and others with your peers. Previous Coffee Breaks may be found at

Your Coffee Break can be downloaded below.



Fire Systems

Hazardous Materials



Always refer to nationally recognized design and installation standards, the product manufacturer or listing details for specific information.


Any reference to or illustration of any specific product, code or other document is not to be considered an endorsement by any governmental agency. Such references are used solely for illustrative purposes.


Students who need continuing education units (CEUs) to maintain professional certification in fire prevention and code enforcement now can obtain them from the United States Fire Administration's NFAOnline, the National Fire Academy's website for distance and online learning.

NFAOnline, at, has begun posting the popular Coffee Break Training series and exams that will enable students to earn up to 0.2 CEUs for each test. Q840 Coffee Break Training: Volume 1 is available now and more Volumes will be released in the coming weeks.

This service is provided to you at no charge by the U.S. Fire Administration.

International Code Council - Code Corner

This site will allow code requests and interpretations on numerous code sites: There are two types of code opinions: staff opinions and committee interpretations. It is the goal of the International Code Council to continue the service of providing code opinions as our legacy members have become accustomed and our new members will come to know.

Staff opinions are the opinions of the staff and do not represent the official position of the International Code Council, nor do they represent the views of any enforcing agency. The enforcing agency is the only agency that has the authority to render interpretations of the code.

Code Corner Topics:

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