The Office of Rural Fire Protection

The Office of Rural Fire Protection is located at the Palmer Fire Training Center in Palmer, Alaska. This office specializes in training and response preparedness services to firefighters and emergency responders in the rural areas of the state. A primary focus of this office is delivering training and support for Project Code Red. This office also coordinates other fire training programs for rural Alaska.

Project Code Red

Video Introduction

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About Project Code Red

The Micro- Rural Fire Department was developed, with the financial leadership of Senator Stevens and operational guidance of the Division of Fire and Life Safety, to help stem the overwhelming loss of life and property due to fires, by addressing the need for properly designed fire fighting equipment for rural Alaska. Project Code Red developed new tactical assumptions that took into considerations the unique Rural Alaska environment of no fire hydrants and extreme winter temperatures, in roadless, boardwalk / trail communities. Existing and new technologies combined with outstanding public/ private partnerships created an exceptional firefighting package that is much more appropriate for Alaska's rural conditions. Matched with State certified fire training, Project Code Red provides Alaskan rural communities with the most efficient and cost- effective fire suppression system design to date, to protect Alaskan lives and property.

The Micro- Rural Fire Department (Project Code Red):

  • Delivers 600 gallons of eco- safe fire fighting foam.
  • Recharges in 5 minutes.
  • Safely fights fire from a range of 75 feet.
  • Equips 5 fire fighters with fully outfitted trailers.
  • Transports by ATV, snow machine, pickup or hand.
  • Easily accesses boardwalks and trails.
  • Provides State certified training for firefighters.
  • Ships in container that doubles as insulated/heated firehouse.

All this for 70% less than a $250,000 new Fire Engine without taking into account the cost of building the firehouse for that fire truck, shipping and training.

Alaska Basic Firefighter Certification

Based on the Alaska Fire Training Standard for Basic Firefighter and utilizing a highly modified version of the NFPA Firefighter I course, this certification program provides the students with training in basic fire fighting and fire prevention techniques. This course is designed for fire departments that do not have protective clothing, have a very limited water supply, and may only have portable fire extinguishers and portable pumps available. This course can either be brought to a local community or can be taught at the regional training centers.

This certification program is a systematic training program designed around instructor delivered classroom and supervised performance based practical training. To complete the full Rural Basic Firefighter certification program, following the initial fire training conducted instruction and practical training the Basic Firefighter must also attend four additional performance based drills conducted over a two-month period.

This training is designed to give the students the skills and knowledge to create and maintain an active fire fighting and fire prevention force in their communities.

Village Public Safety Officer Fire Training Academy

The Office of Rural Fire Protection has the responsibility for conducting the Rural Fire Protection Specialist course at the Village Public Safety Officer (VPSO) Academy in Sitka. Students at this course are from small villages throughout Alaska. They are trained in firefighting, law enforcement, emergency medical services, and search and rescue. This 94 hour Rural Fire Protection Specialist course involves everything from setting up a small rural fire department, training, providing fire prevention programs and managing the fire department within the village. In addition to this course, TEB also provides further training once the officers have returned to their respective community.

Funding-Ease of Payment

Each course is funded through the collection of tuition fees, we are allowed to offer a variety of payment possibilities (Check, Money Order, Purchase Order, Student Loans or Cash).

For further information please contact:

Rural Fire Training Specialist
Steve Schreck
645 Cope Industrial Way
Palmer, Alaska 99645
Phone: (907) 745-5413
Fax: (907) 745-4529