Firefighter of the Year


The firefighter is the foundation of the fire service. Firefighters serve their communities in many different ways; responding to emergencies, organizing safety events and being role models of community responsibility. The Firefighter of the Year award was first presented in 1987.


The candidate must demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to firefighting. This can be evidenced by outstanding actions on the fireground or at other functions in their community during the year. This can be demonstrated in many ways. A few examples are:

  1. Extraordinary rescue following operational policies and training.
  2. Development of a wellness program that dramatically improves the health of the members of the department.
  3. Outstanding effort to improve the departments standing in the community.

List of Recipients:

Year Name Fire Department
1987 Ralph Crane Anchorage Fire Department
1994 Robert Plumb Cordova Fire Department
1995 Sam Evanoff Central Emergency Services
1997 Alan Dick Fairbanks Fire Department
1999 Bud Jones Alyeska Pipeline Fire Rescue
2000 Robert Dennard Sitka Fire Department
2002 Barry Hayes North Pole Fire Department
2005 Mark Malone South Tongass Volunteer Fire Department
2006 Casey Johnson Anchorage Fire Department
2008 Sven Pearson Capitol City Fire Rescue
2009 Kevin Wallace Anchorage Fire Department
2010 Michael Ascone Anchorage Fire Department
2011 Jim Pickett Fire Protection Area No. 1
2012 Autumn Ludwig Bear Creek Fire/EMS Dept.
2013 Eric Van Dusen Butte Volunteer Fire Department
2014 Shane Powers Fairbanks Fire Department
2015 Sean Corrigan Seward Fire Department
2016 Austin Chapman Seward Fire Department