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 10/30/14 DPS PR #14-032

DPS Launches Silver Alert Plan

(ANCHORAGE, Alaska) – Starting October 30, 2014, Silver Alerts will be an available tool for law enforcement and the public when an at-risk adult is missing.  On July 10, 2013, Governor Sean Parnell signed legislation requiring the Department of Public Safety to develop and implement notification plans to more quickly locate missing vulnerable adults.  Like many other states, Alaska has designated the alerts as Silver Alerts. The Department of Public Safety believes that the immediate public notification, using a variety of systems, will likely expedite locating and returning home safely the missing vulnerable adult.

Much like an AMBER Alert, the Silver Alert is a voluntary partnership between law enforcement agencies, state and local government and Alaska’s media and broadcasters. Instead of notifying the public of a kidnapped child in imminent danger, a SILVER Alert provides information to the public when a vulnerable adult is missing and believed to be in serious danger. Silver Alerts will not be issued for every missing adult and will be issued only when specific requirements are met. 

For a Silver Alert to be issued for a missing individual, the following criteria must be met:

  • The individual is lost on foot or in some mode of transportation
  • The individual is 18 years of age, or older
  • There is a clear indication that the individual has a deterioration of intellectual faculties, a physical impairment or medical condition that makes them unable to meet their own needs or to seek help without assistance.
  • Enough descriptive information on the missing individual and their last known location is available to assist with their safe recovery.
  • Law enforcement verifies the criteria above and believes the missing individual is in danger and may come to serious harm if not located.

When a law enforcement agency receives a report that a vulnerable adult is missing, the incident will be evaluated based upon the Silver Alert Criteria. If it meets the criteria, the information will be forwarded on to the Alaska State Trooper Fairbanks Dispatch Center for activation. Once activated, the statewide Silver Alert website will be updated.  Activating an alert on the website immediately triggers the Silver Alert Notification System which sends an email to everyone on the Silver Alert email list.  The DPS Public Information Office will also be notified and the alert information will be forwarded to the media. Additionally, Silver Alert information will be posted on the 5-1-1 website, Social Media, and forwarded to partnering agencies.

The Silver Alert Website activation will include:

  • Description of the vulnerable adult (name, race, age, physical attributes, clothing worn)
  • Where they were last seen and any location they are believed to be destined for
  • Any suspect description (if any evidence of abduction is present)
  • Any associated vehicle description
  • Phone number for the public to call with information
  • A photograph of the vulnerable adult and any suspect, if available

The public can view active Silver Alerts online at Members of the public can also sign up for Silver Alert email notifications on the website.

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10/29/14 DPS PR #14-031

Troopers Doing Their Part to Keep Halloween Safe

(ANCHORAGE, Alaska) – Alaska State Troopers will be doing everything possible to help keep your little monsters and ghouls safe this Halloween. Earlier in the week, AST began airing anti-DUI public service announcements to encourage all motorists to have a plan in place to only drive sober and to keep the holiday safe for everybody. In addition the safe driving reminders and keeping zombies at bay, the Alaska State Troopers will ramp up enforcement efforts beginning Oct. 31 through Nov. 1.  Alaska State Troopers patrol units, alongside the Bureau of Highway Patrol troopers, will be working extra hours and focusing their efforts on curbing impaired and dangerous driving.

Regardless of what your ultimate plans are for your Halloween celebration, Troopers encourage you to always practice safe driving behaviors on the roads while traveling to and from your destination. If you consume drugs or alcohol, plan to either stay the night or to have a sober driver take you home. Always have a plan to get home safely.

Boosting public awareness regarding the dangers of impaired driving, along with other driver behavior issues, helps to decrease the number of fatal and serious injury crashes. Speeding, reckless and aggressive driving, driver inattention, and failure to wear seatbelts or use child safety restraints all contribute to injury and death on Alaska’s roads. The Alaska State Troopers, as well as local law enforcement agencies, believe that persistent public education will help deter motorists from making poor driving decisions while behind the wheel and help save lives.

Troopers also encourage everyone to Report Every Dangerous Driver Immediately by calling 9‐1‐1.

Funding for the media campaign and enforcement effort is provided in part by grant sources distributed through the Alaska Highway Safety Office.

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08/27/14 DPS PR #14-030

Halfway Stats for Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Campaign

(ANCHORAGE, Alaska) – The Alaska State Troopers have been working hard to keep impaired drivers off of Alaska’s roadways during the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over national campaign. The high visibility enforcement effort is designed to discourage impaired drivers from hitting the highways. Troopers implore motorists to always keep safety in mind. If you have consumed anything that could impair your ability to drive any motorized vehicle, please stay out of the driver’s seat.
So far, from 8/13/2014 thru 8/24/2014, AST has accomplished the following:

• 41 misdemeanor DUI arrests, 3 felony DUI Arrests
• 46 drivers charged with driving with a suspended or revoked license.
• 411 additional drivers contacted who were reported as REDDI reports and ultimately determined not to be DUI
• 65 damage only crashes 10 injury crashes and 0 fatal collisions were investigated by troopers
• Of the 1438 citations issued, 655 were issued for speeding and 189 were issued for seatbelt or other occupant restraint violations

While Troopers will be doing their best to keep impaired drivers off the road, they also need the public’s assistance in getting the job done. Please encourage all your friends and family to make the important decision to only drive when sober. If you suspect a driver is impaired, please report them to law enforcement immediately—Think REDDI! Report Every Dangerous Driver Immediately by dialing 9-1-1! The more information the public is able to give law enforcement about the vehicle description and direction of travel the better.
Remember: Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over. Funding for the focused highway enforcement was provided in part by grant sources distributed through the Alaska Highway Safety Office.

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